Articles by Luis Granados
  • "Medieval Free Thinker" -- The story of Frederick II, the Holy Roman Emperor who
    fought       the Catholic Church and almost brought us the Enlightenment 500 years before its
    time,        has been published in the Fourth Quarter 2008 edition of Secular Nation magazine.

  • "Apartheid's Anniversary" -- The story of how the Calvinism of the South Africa's Dutch
    Reformed Church led the creation of the apartheid system in 1948 appeared in Free Inquiry
    magazine's February-March 2009 issue.

  • "Who Killed Neal Beagley?" -- Children die when their parents brainwash them into
    believing that God, not man, is responsible for curing disease.  This article, in the February-
    March issue of The Humanist,  traces Christianity's hostility to medical research and practice
    through the ages.

  • "Body Count" -- The latest ploy of defenders of religion like Dinesh D'Souza is to claim that
    atheism has killed more people than religion ever has.  It just isn't so.  This article from the
    2008 3rd Quarter edition of Secular Nation lays out the grim statistics.

  • "Counterfeiting Tradition" -- The Turkish government is funding a group of Muslim
    theologians to produce a kinder, gentler version of the "sunna," or the "way" of Muhammad,
    to produce a more moderate version of Islam.  "Counterfeiting Tradition," to appear in the
    July-August 2009 issue of The Humanist explores the history of the traditions they are
    modifying, and explains why the effort is doomed to failure.

  • "Buddhism and the Bomb" -- Secularists are soft on Buddhism.  They shouldn't be.  This
    article to appear in the Summer, 2009 issue of Secular Nation explores the role of Japanese
    Buddhism in the deaths of millions of Asians during World War II.
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