About the Author

      I am a 58 year old Washington attorney and a student of the history of organized
religion.  I publish a weekly article on
www.luisgranados.com/blog relating a current
headline to an episode from religious history, demonstrating how little things change
from religion to religion, from century to century.
 These articles are now carried also by
Secular News Daily and Rant & Reason, the blog of the American Humanist Association.  
longer magazine articles on religious history have appeared within the last year in
Secular Nation, Free Inquiry, and The Humanist.  

        I am not an atheist.  I am more of an agnostic/deist: a suspecter, not a believer.  But I
resent being told what to do by people no better than I am who claim to speak for God.  A
large portion of what is wrong with the world, for a long time, has been caused by giving
these frauds more credit than they deserve.  

        I want to embolden people to follow in the footsteps of the heroes of
Damned Good
, that the world may be run more on principles of “What makes sense?” than on
principles of “What did God say about that?”

        Since 2005, I have practiced law on a half-time basis, while devoting the other half to
the study of the scandals of organized religion.
All rights reserved.
Luis Granados